What is it?

A Twitter Based Social Picture Device!

You simply tweet to its twitter handle @socsnap. It takes a picture of you and tweets you back. You can then follow @socsnap and see all the photos it's taken and the twitter handles of the people it took them of.

Take a look at some of the photos that it's taken already

But Why?

The idea is that SocSnap can be set up at an event or location and used as a way of bringing people together. Because anyone can follow the @socsnap photo stream, anyone can see the list of photos and twitter handles. Imagine it set up at a wedding, a conference, or maybe a club? It could event sit in a shop window.

Can I have one?

Yes you can. It's open source. The GitHub project page is here

You'll also need a Raspberry Pi, a Pi Camera and a monitor.

Can I use my own Twitter handle?

Yes you can. Instructions on the GitHub readme page.

Who Made It?

Mike Hadlow